Wholesome Paws Salon

Wholesome Paws Salon is our grooming wing that provides low-stress, cage-free grooming for your furkids, with emphasis on total wellbeing and improvement of skin and coat.

We strive to use products that are as natural as possible, many of which are formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils. Our main product line is from Essential Dog and Melanie Newman, who shares our passion in providing safer and natural alternatives for your dog.

Do contact us for specific price quotations based on breed. Each dog breed may differ due to fur type and temperament. Thank you!

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Salon Policies

De-matting / De-shedding

Our pet grooming services include an additional fee for de-shedding the undercoat of double coated pets, and de-matting matted pets. These may take longer to groom and cause stress to the animal, and in some cases, may not be possible without the risk of injury or harm. Therefore, we encourage pet owners to regularly groom their pets to avoid matting. We are not liable for any injuries caused by matting, and any veterinary costs resulting from such injuries are the responsibility of the pet owner.  It is important for pet owners to understand the potential risks and to communicate any concerns.

Late Arrivals / Cancellation of Appointments

We require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for appointment cancellations and may cancel appointments if clients are more than 15 minutes late. Please inform us if you are running late so we can accommodate you if possible. Repeated no-shows may result in us refusing to work with you or requiring upfront payment, which may be forfeited in the event of a no-show.

Timely Pick-ups

We request that pets be picked up within 1 hour of notification that they are ready and before our closing time. If pets are left with us for over 1 hour before or after the appointment or after closing, we may charge a daycare fee.

Aggressive Dogs

We may use muzzles or cones on aggressive dogs for safety reasons and may charge additional fees for dogs with behavioral issues due to additional time and/or human assistance. We reserve the right to discontinue grooming services that pose a risk of injury to pets or staff and require disclosure of any history of biting or aggression. We prioritize safety and may bill pet owners for any medical attention required due to biting. Payment is due for the full service, regardless of whether the groom is completed, and we cannot guarantee a successful groom under all circumstances.

Stressed / Fearful Dogs

Grooming can be stressful or traumatic for some dogs, and pets that are easily stressed or aggressive may not be safe to groom. If at any point the groomer feels that the safety of the pet or groomer is at risk, the grooming will stop, and the pet will be returned to the owner. Payment is due for the full service regardless of whether the groom is completed, and we cannot guarantee a successful groom under all circumstances.


Puppies must have at least two sets of vaccinations before their first grooming appointment. We may not perform a full groom for puppies under 6 months of age due to the risk of injury. We recommend a basic groom and puppy trim several times before a full groom to acclimate them to the process. Fidgeting puppies may require extra time to ensure a positive and safe experience.

Senior Dogs

We prioritize the comfort of senior dogs during grooming and may take extra time to avoid stress. We prefer a low-stress environment and allow senior dogs to dictate the pace of the grooming process.

Condition of Pet

Pets that receive regular grooming are typically in a non-matted and dry state. If a pet is not in a normal condition, grooming may require additional time and fees. The frequency of basic or full grooming for pets depends on several factors such as the breed, coat type, and activity level of the pet. In general, dogs with longer or thicker coats require more frequent grooming than those with shorter, smoother coats. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors or in messy environments may also require more frequent grooming. 

Pet Health & Safety

To ensure the safety of all pets and our groomers, it is essential to disclose any known health issues, recent vet visits, or history of issues during previous grooms. Please inform us of any infectious diseases, skin conditions, or parasites your pet may have. We reserve the right to refuse grooming for any unhealthy or distressed pets, and any services rendered will be charged.

Infectious Diseases, e.g. Parasites, Fungus, Ticks, Fleas

To ensure the safety of our groomers and customers, pet owners must disclose any fleas, ticks, ringworm, or other parasitical, fungal, or infectious diseases their pets may have. We do not accept infected pets for grooming, and if discovered during grooming, we may charge for the full service and stop the session, returning the pet to the owner immediately. Parasite treatment and cleaning fees will be imposed for sanitizing and post-groom fumigation. Payment is due for the full service regardless of whether the groom is completed, and we cannot guarantee a successful groom under all circumstances.


To prevent accidents during grooming, we recommend allowing pets to go to the toilet before their appointment. If a pet defecates or urinates during the grooming process and becomes soiled, an additional fee for a second bath may be charged. If the pet is known to mark, please inform us beforehand. Pets who mark during the grooming process will be fitted with diapers and leashed for their safety, even after the grooming session.

Damage of Property

If your pet damages property in the salon, you may be charged for replacement or refurbishment at the discretion of the salon.


When using our grooming services, it is the responsibility of pet owners to cover any veterinary costs incurred in relation to their pet's injury or illness during or after grooming. Owners must release Wholesome Paws and its staff from all liability for any damages or injuries that may occur during the grooming process.

Moreover, owners must take full responsibility for any injuries, illnesses, or damages caused by their pet's aggressive behavior or failure to vaccinate against Rabies and Bordetella. They must also fully indemnify and protect Wholesome Paws and its staff from any liability resulting from such incidents.

We take the safety of our staff and customers seriously, and as such, owners must provide accurate information regarding their pet's behavior and health history to ensure that grooming is carried out safely and efficiently.